Specialty Gardens

Planting veggies and herbs is a great way to eat healthy and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  However, looking at all the varieties of plants available can be overwhelming sometimes.

We’ve tried to take some of the guesswork out of choosing plants to grow by developing some specialty gardens with a list of the plants to purchase to put into your garden.

Click on the links below to find recipes for these plants.


HeirloomHeirloom Color Splash Tomatoes:

Big Boy (red), Green Zebra (green), Lemon Boy (yellow), Black Krim (purple/dark red), Mr. Stipey (red stripes), and Pineapple (yellow/orange stripes)


RainbowRainbow Peppers:

California Wonder (green), Red Bell (red), Yellow Bell (yellow), White Bell (white), Purple Beauty (purple), Valencia (orange)



Onion – Walla Walla, Pepper – Red Bell, Tomato – Roma or Health Kick, Pepper – Ancho Villa (poblano), Squash – Zucchini, Herb – Coriander/Cilantro


PizzaPizza Garden:

Tomato – Roma, Pepper – Sweet Banana, Pepper – California Wonder, Onion – Candy, Herb – Oregano, Herb – Basil


SandwichSandwich Toppers:

Tomato – Beefmaster, Onion – Red Burgundy, Cucumber – Straight Eight, Lettuce – Summertime (head), Pepper – Sweet Banana, Herb – Arugula


SalsaSalsa Garden:

Pepper – Garden Salsa, Onion – Walla Walla, Tomato – Roma, Health Kick or Amish Paste, Pepper – California Wonder, Herb – Coriander/Cilantro, Herb – Parsley


SaladSalad Mix:

Lettuce – Red Salad Bowl, Tomato – Better Boy, Swiss Chard – Bright Lights, Pepper – California Wonder, Red Bell or Yellow Bell, Cucumber – Burpless, Onion – Candy



Stoplight Peppers

California Wonder (green – go!), Red Bell (red – stop!), Yellow Bell (yellow – caution!)


KidKid’s Garden (early harvest):

Beans – Blue Lake Bush (65 days), Peas – Maestro (61 days), Tomato – Sugary (60 days), Strawberries – Ozark Beauty (June), Pepper – Red Bell (68 days), Cucumber – Burpless (60 days)