Broccoli – Monaco

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This hardy member of the cabbage family is a cool weather crop for your garden and can be planted very early.  This variety is also heat tolerant and is high in vitamins A and D.  The small, smooth heads and clean stalks are produce a high yield in the garden.  Pick fresh for the table or blanch and freeze to enjoy later.  Try a second crop later in the spring or early summer for more delicious florets.  Plant will grow 12-24″ tall.

Exposure:  Full sun

Matures:  55-60 days

Spacing:  18-24″ apart

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Container Friendly:  No

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DIG THIS!   about Broccoli:

You can thwart cabbage loopers on your cabbage family crops by making a newspaper collar.  Wrap several wet layers of newspaper around the stem of your transplant, making sure to have the paper 2-3 inches above the soil and 2 inches below the soil level.  This works for any plant that cutworms are attracted to in the garden.  Broccoli and cauliflower are the only vegetables that are also flowers!  California produces almost all of the broccoli in the United States.