Collards – Vates

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This is an easy to grow vegetable.  The greens have a mild cabbage-like flavor.  It has large dark green crumpled leaves with an average height of 20-24″.  Grows best in moderately rich and moist garden soil.  Uniform, compact growth.  Cut leaves as you need them.  Serve steamed or raw as an interesting addition to salads.  High in vitamins.

Exposure:  Full sun

Matures:  75 days

Spacing:  18-24″ apart

Kid Friendly:  No

Container Friendly:  Yes

Heirloom:  No

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DIG THIS!   about Collards:

Cabbage loopers can be pesky but are easy to deal with.  Examine your cabbage family plants daily for the loopers and drop them into a bucket of soapy water.  Don’t forget the bottom of the leaves, one of their favorite hangouts!  Collards are also known as “tree cabbage” or “non-heading cabbage” and were cultivated by ancient Greeks and Romans.