Cucumber – Fanfare Dwarf

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AAS Winner!  This semi-dwarf variety will produce abundant fruits on the compact plants, vining about 30 inches.  The dark green, straight fruits are 8-9″ long and up to 10 ounces each.  This slicing variety has excellent taste and it’s great for salads and vegetable trays.  Keeping older fruits picked will encourage continued production.  Plant on elevated hills with 2-3 plants per hill.

Exposure: Full sun

Matures: 88 days

Spacing: 6-8″ apart

Kid Friendly: Yes

Container Friendly: No

Heirloom: No

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DIG THIS!   about Cucumbers:

The inside temperature of a cucumber can be 20 degrees F cooler than the outside.  Cucumbers consist of 95% water and each slice is only about 8 calories.  Keeping the ripe fruits picked at least every other day will encourage new growth and more pickles.

Cucumbers are also very popular as a skin care product.  Cucumbers contain silica, a mineral that can boost collagen production to lessen those fine lines around the eyes.  Refresh your eyes by placing cucumber slices over your closed eyes for 15 minutes.  You can also grate some cucumbers and apply to the area under the eyes for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.