Herb – Basil Greek Columnar*

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Stately columns are 18-36″ in height and up to 18″ wide. Perfect for containers or in the garden. They will provide plenty of aromatic leaves for fresh use or store some for later. One of the strongest flavored basil varieties, this one is not a favorite for pesto. It has a sweet basil flavor, with cinnamon, allspice, and clove overtones. Used in many slow cooked dishes, in scented oils and vinegars. Pairs well with fish and meat recipes. Pinch out tips to encourage bushy growth. It likes dry to moist soil, but be careful not to over-water.

Exposure: Full Sun

Matures:  55 days

Spacing:  12-18″ apart

Container Friendly:  Yes

When to Plant: After danger of frost has passed and temperatures warm

Soil Prep:  Loose, well-drained soil, rich in organic material

pH Levels:  6.5

Fertilizer:  Apply 10-10-10 at 3-4 week intervals in the summer

Pests: Japanese beetles, slugs, aphids

Water:  Water when dry. Water in the early morning. Dark spots on leaves may indicate cold water damage.

Harvest:  You can harvest leaves as soon as the foliage starts to grow, usually around 55 days.

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Companions: peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, marigolds, snapdragons

Avoid: Rue

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DIG THIS!   about Basil:

Basil is said to lower blood pressure. Europeans believed that basil belonged to Satan. You had to curse the ground while planting if you wanted it to grow properly.

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