Kale – Lacinato

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Dating back to 18th century Italy, this heirloom variety is often called Tuscan Kale.  The dark blue-green leaves are deeply ribbed and textured, and they make a striking addition to the garden.  Its delicate, slightly bitter taste is sweeter than curly kale varieties.  Kale is very high is beta carotene, vitamins A, C, and K, and high in calcium.  It’s also loaded with phyto-nutrients that have been found to prevent cancer.  The blistered strap-type leaves grow up to 24″ in height and 2-4″ wide.  It can be used in pasta dishes, soups or cut into ribbons and eaten raw in salads.  Harvest the leaves from the bottom up, started at about 30 days.

Exposure:  Full sun

Matures:  30-60 days

Spacing:  24-30″ apart

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Container Friendly:  Yes

Heirloom:  Yes

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