Melon – Ambrosia (cantaloupe)

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Also known as muskmelon, this is the most popular melon in the USA.  This variety has peach-colored flesh and is very sweet.  The 4 pound melons have heavy netting and no ribs.  Plant 2-3 plants on slightly elevated hills for best start in the garden.  The vines are vigorous and will grow rapidly, with each hill producing up to 15 melons.  Harvest melons when the stem easily detaches from the fruit when picked up.  Make sure to keep the hills well watered, but try to keep the leaves dry so as not to encourage powdery or downy mildew.  Using furrows around the plant hill is a great way to water and fertilize, also keeping your foliage dry.

Exposure: Full sun

Matures: 86 days (35-45 from flowering)

Spacing: 6-8″ apart

Kid Friendly: Yes

Container Friendly: No

Heirloom: No

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DIG THIS!   about Ambrosia Melon:

Cantaloupe is actually a hard-shelled melon, grown mainly in Mediterranean countries.  The correct name for the fruits Americans love is muskmelon.  A six ounce slice of muskmelon has only 50 calories!  The only time a melon should be in the refridgerator is if you’ve already cut it or it is too ripe.  Muskmelon has the best taste if served at room temperature.  If you eat one quarter of a melon you’ll receive almost 100% of your vitamin C daily requirement and an incredible 400% of your vitamin A needs for the day!