Spinach – Bloomsdale

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One of the healthiest vegetables available, this heirloom variety is chock-full of vitamins A and C, and adds lutein, beta carotene, calcium, iron and folic acid to your diet.  It resists Gray Leaf Spot and Alternaria well.  The plant can withstand temperatures of 20 degrees F so plant early.  For a continuous harvest, do 2-3 successive plantings, 10 days apart, starting 4 weeks before the last frost date.  Grows well in full sun or part shade, topping out at 10-12″.  It’s perfect for small gardens or patio containers.  Harvest the outside leaves, working your way to the center, or use the entire plant at once.  Use in salads, casseroles, soups, stir fry and wilted salads.

Exposure:  Full to partial sun

Matures:  32 days

Spacing:  24-36″ apart

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Container Friendly:  Yes

Heirloom:  Yes

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