Squash – Zucchini

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Zucchini is an easy to grow, prolific producer in the warm summer garden.  Plant 2 plants on slightly elevated hills or mounds when the danger of frost has passed.  Figuring one plant per family member will provide an abundant harvest.  Keep plants well-watered deeply at the roots.  Watering early in the day gives the foliage time to dry to help prevent disease.  The optimum harvesting size for best flavor is between 4-6″ in length, although it is fun to see just how big the fruit will grow.  Use a sharp knife or shears to harvest so you don’t damage the plant.  Pick often and always remove large, over-mature fruits to encourage new growth.  Zucchini can be kept refrigerated for up to one week in a plastic bag.  Use raw in salads, or use in soups, breads or cookies.

Exposure: Full sun

Matures: 50 days

Spacing: 36″ apart

Kid Friendly: Yes

Container Friendly: No

Heirloom: No

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DIG THIS!   about Squash:

If squash vine borers attack your vines, slit the vine at the point of entry, remove and dispose of the borer, then cover the opening with moist soil and new roots will grow.

Destroy any vines from your garden by burning them to reduce the chance that a pest or disease could winter over in your compost pile.

Rotate, rotate, rotate!  Every year you should be rotating your crop locations in the garden.  Avoid planting your next year crops in locations where similar pests or disease could infect the new garden.