Swiss Chard – Bright Lights

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The edible stems are a rainbow of colors.  Pink, yellow, gold and crimson with large leaves should be harvested when young and tender.  Best flavor when used fresh from the garden.  A beautiful addition to salads and brightens garden areas.  Because this leafy green is packed with magnesium, it can boost your energy levels.  Grows in sun or partial shade.

Exposure:  Full or partial sun

Matures:  28 days

Spacing:  8-10″ apart

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Container Friendly:  Yes

Heirloom:  No

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DIG THIS!  about Swiss Chard:

Not native to Switzerland, swiss chard was given the name to honor the Swiss botanist Koch, who classified its scientific name.  This plant contains the antioxidants beta carotene and sulforaphane.  Swiss chard is said to be a very healthy food, full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  You can substitute chard for any recipe that calls for spinach.